Sports Mastery Analysis Service

Sports Mastery Film Study & Analysis Service – All successful pro athletes have their games (and themselves) analyzed and evaluated regularly.  Our film study & analysis service is perfect for those athletes that want an outside expert to analyze their game tape and tell them things they could do to improve in game performance or even how to pick apart an opponent. Also, you may need an outside expert to pick apart your training routine to see where improvements can be made to boost performance. There are many reasons for all serious athletes to have their games analyzed and evaluated.

Game Tape Analysis – send us your game tape and we will breakdown and look for key components based on your requirements and criteria.
Training Tape Analysis – send us your training tape and we will breakdown and look for key components based on your requirements and criteria.


Perfect for:

  • anyone who wants to see how and where to break down defenses
  • anyone who wants to see how and where to pressure offenses
  • anyone who wants to find out ways to maximize their routine, be more efficient, perform at their peak consistently and much more.

Print version – you will receive our comprehensive breakdown of all our findings in digital print format for you to print out and keep forever (pdf, word doc, etc.)

Video Version – you will receive a video of our professionals narrating our findings as we watch your video (also includes print version)


What to Do Next – Choose whether you want game tape analysis or training tape analysis or both. Then decide whether you want your results delivered in print or video format. Then send us 1-3 videos* of your games or matches and we will give you a detailed analysis in the version you choose. If you would like a more personal approach, we can connect via facetime/skype and both watch your game tape together. Contact us for this option as its based on time availability.


*Note: Videos can be uploaded directly to us, or linked from Youtube, uploaded to a cloud storage, etc. If for some reason you do not have or can not access video footage of yourself, you can always record yourself or have someone record you at the gym, park, track ,etc. If that is not an option either, you can contact us and let us know what area of the country you are in and we can locate a professional in your area to do your evaluation in person. They will gather all the information including necessary paperwork and then forward to our facility.



Strategy Sessions

A Sports Mastery Strategy Session is a perfect way for any athlete, team or coach to set themselves up for success. A good "game plan" is vital to the success of any athlete or team. Likewise, sometimes we athletes (and coaches) need to talk with someone. Our Sports Mastery Guidance Sessions are perfect for that. Sometimes we have to go outside of our circle. A fresh, listening ear can be a welcome recharge and can do wonders for your performance.

 – booked in 30 min and 1 hour time slots (you will be matched with the appropriate professional)
Skype/Facetime Strategy Sessions – if you need to strategize or gameplan any topic of your choice
Skype/Facetime Guidance Sessions – if you have questions, have concerns, need consultation, or just want to talk or vent.
– additional time can be booked if needed.

Perfect for:

  • anyone who wants to strategically game plan for a game, tournament, match or event
  • anyone who wants help designing and/or developing a program or program philosophy
  • anyone who needs help dealing with off-court/off-field issues that are affecting performance
  • anyone who just needs to talk to someone who understands what's going on in the life of an athlete, team, coach or organization


What to Do NextContact us and book your Session today!



Training Sessions

If you're ready for a different type of training. One that's geared specifically for you to reach your highest potential, then, you need one of our artisans to personally train you or your team.
– because we customize all of our training to you and/or your team, rates will vary.  Contact us for specific rates.
1-on-1  V.I.P. Training Sessions
Group/Team Training Sessions

*New* Young Adult/High School Athlete Training Programs

An intensive training program geared for younger athletes that aspire for greatness.  Developed from our Master Level Program and is perfect for serious high school athletes preparing for college and/or pro competition.                                                    

Individual V.I.P. 1-on-1 Sports Training Programs Team Training Programs – Available now, rates will vary depending on length and extent of training needed – all programs include evaluations/assessments.

Perfect for:

  • anyone who wants to train a completely different way in order to see completely different results
  • anyone preparing for a tryout or a combine
  • anyone tired of not getting the results they want
  • anyone that wants someone "by their side" to actually help them reach their maximum potential
  • anyone just wanting to "breakthrough"


What to Do Next Contact us and let us know what you want to accomplish, we will suggest the best program for you.

Questions about Sessions? Check our FAQ section