Sports Evaluations


An accurate sports evaluation is one of the most crucial phases in any athlete or teams' progression.  Similar to a "good" annual check up at the doctor's office, an accurate evaluation makes all the difference. A successful evaluation will accurately point out holes, gaps, weak spots, insufficiencies and other facets that need to be addressed. A successful evaluation will also provide large amounts of statistical and empirical data that will be used in your results.

Our EA division (Evaluation & Assessment) will handle your specific sports evaluation, all necessary assessments, analytics and any other pertinent data.  Our professionals pride themselves on your success and its largely due to their knowledge, experience and a meticulous eye for accuracy and excellence. All of this is done to make you better!

(This is a necessary prerequisite to our blueprint service, as we need an evaluation in order to do the blueprint)

Perfect for:

  • athletes needing an evaluation or assessment done,
  • athletes needing an evaluation so they can have their championship blueprint done
  • anyone wanting to gauge themselves to see where their "at"


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