Here are just some of the products and services we provide to professional athletes, teams, organizations or anyone serious about their ascension.  Let us help supercharge your training program for maximum results. We specialize in creating customized solutions based on YOUR goal, specific physiology, sport and situation, so feel free to contact us today and let us know how we can help.

(click on the links for details on each program)

Blueprints & Training Programs

  • Athlete/Team Championship Blueprint
  • In Season Training Program
  • Off Season Training Program
  • Player Development
  • A.M.A.S.S. Program* – Pro Level Only


Game & Performance Analysis – Video & In-Person

  • Game Analysis
  • Training Analysis


Sports Evaluations and Assessments

  • Individual Athlete Performance Evaluations
  • Team Performance Evaluations


Strategy & Guidance Sessions

  • 1-on-1 Athlete Strategy & Guidance
  • Team Strategy & Guidance
  • Off Field/Off-Court Personal Issues
  • Championship Team Building Concepts
  • Coaches Program Strategy and Philosophy
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Seminars – 1-on-1 / Group


All of our services and products are customized specifically for each athlete and/or team and developed in line with sports mastery and actualization principles.

* Our flagship "A.M.A.S.S." Program is not open to the public.  Due to its rigorous nature, scope and intensity, the program is only available to professional clients that qualify and have been accepted into the program.  Contact us for more information.