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Winning championships is no laughing matter, so don't use gimmicky advice and suggestions from peak performance and motivational coaches that have you practicing "fun" exercises or motivational exercises that just get you "pumped up".  Likewise, don't follow the old outdated "cookie cutter" plans or techniques where every athlete and team across various sports are all taught the same techniques and the same exercises.

Most college and pro athletes are trained under what we affectionately call the "Typical Pro Athlete Model".  It has served its purpose for decades but does have holes, gaps and flaws. The time has come and the outdated model needs to be improved upon. Following an "incomplete" model (i.e. a model that doesn't 'work') is why most pros athletes haven't been able to fully maximize their potential consistently and win championships. Hopefully, you are not following an incomplete model but if so, feel free to contact us for your own complete blueprint.


Here is an example of the "Typical Pro Athlete Model" as compared to the Psionova Sports Mastery Model. 



The typical pro athlete model is chock full of holes and gaps, which is why you haven't been able to reach the highest levels of achievement.

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Physiological NeedsPhysical Conditioning, Peak Performance, Strength/Speed Training

Skills Needs – Drills, Practices, Fundamentals

Psychological Needs – Mental Toughness Training, Confidence, Motivation

We see the typical pro athlete model addresses only "parts" of the athlete and team's needs. It leaves many questions unanswered which equates to subpar performance.


You NEED a New System


Sports Mastery is the highest level on the pyramid and occurs when an athlete has fully actualized his/her athletic potential, coupled with expert knowledge of their particular sport and then being able to synergistically apply it to their sport.  All that is needed to attain a level of sports mastery is you, a proven system for mastery of your sport and a qualified sports mastery artisan to guide you along the process.

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Experiential – Experiences, tactics, feelings, strategy, etc. learned solely from game experience. Experience playing – experiences, feelings, strategy and tactics learned solely from game experience reflection.

Physiological – Athletic Actualization, physical conditioning, peak performance, performance enhancement

Attitude & Intelligence – Mental toughness, confidence, sports intelligence, expertise

Moral & Esteem – Ethical structure, playing and winning the right way, prestige, feeling of accomplishment, gratitude

Sports Mastery – Actualizing one’s full athletic potential and successfully applying it to sport, gain self respect and respect from others, with all the attributes wielded together, nothing is impossible for the athlete.

We see that the Psionova Sports Mastery Model is a complete model addressing all of the needs of the athlete.


A more indepth explanation of the Psionova Sports Mastery Model is outlined in the book "The Strangest Secret to Winning Championships" however, feel free to  Contact us also and get your Complete Blueprint for Sports Mastery today!