Kale Stomach Ache
I have been getting bad stomach pains from eating any kind of raw kale, even when marinated overnight in a salad with lemon juice and olive oil, or in a green smoothie.

june 8

reducing indigestion and stomach ache. you should also replace the windy vegetables for other greens such as kale or spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and green beans.

Raw cabbage, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, collards and cauliflower why do raw vegetables give me stomach aches? raw vegetables that make gas.
Lots of fiber, which is found in cabbage soup, can sometimes produce stomach cramps, a stomach ache or abdominal pain. cabbage soup may also build up a lot of gas.
Every time i eat raw carrots, i get a bad stomach ache. is there a reason for this? like kale, actually become more nutritious when cooked.
Green leafy ones, like spinach and kale, are big culprits, as is broccoli. if i eat more than half an avocado throughout the day i always get a stomach ache.

  Tune in to your stomach the next time you eat a raw vegetable and see how you feel. other like the leafy green kale that is most commonly seen in grocery stores.

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