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VIDEO – Titans Train on Planet Earth

Warning – Do Not Try This At Home Without Professional Supervision


Psionova Sports Mastery meets the Titans as they train on Planet Earth
Level 2 – Physical – Athletic Actualization
Training Elements Present – Earth Air/Water/Wood/Metal

In order to reach your tap into and harness your full physical potential you must be willing to keep pushing and testing your limits. Don't let human constraints and confines of a gym limit your ability to actualize your potential.

After a day of light training on Planet Earth, the Titans concluded that they're seems to be an adequate amount of training elements on this planet to make a worthy attempt at ascension.


VIDEO – Secrets of Mind Body Connection


This is an excerpt taken from the full length Sports Mastery 101 video – part 3 of 3.

We help athletes tap into their inner power and unlock their full potential. Once this is achieved the possibilities are endless. Training the body is beneficial but you can only tap into your true power once your brain allows it.


VIDEO – Sports Mastery 101 – How to Dominate Your Sport and Crush Your Competition


If you want to be the best you need to start implementing Sports Mastery principles into every phase of your training for continued ascension. Our program is based upon scientific laws and theory, case studies from history's greatest champions and trial/error experimentation. In order to crush your competition you need to learn to master your sport. History shows us that all the greatest champions reached their highest levels because of their continuous pursuit of excellence.