Psionova is a leading research and actualization company made up of a highly specialized team of former college & pro players, sports psychologists, nutritionists, trainers and philosophers in what's now called the Recommendation Age.  We are dedicated to helping others maximize their full potential and also help athletes work through off field/off court personal issues that can greatly affect performance.

The founder, J. Scott Warner, is the leading authority on sports mastery and strategic positioning for maximizing potential in professional athletes, teams, coaches and sports organizations.

For the past decade J. Scott Warner has served as an adviser to athletes and coaches around the world. He is a recognized authority in Sports Mastery, Athletic ActualizSports Mastery Bookation, Winning Strategy and Problem Analysis. He has also been noted consistently for his strategic ability to quickly generate winning results and maximum realization of potential for his clients across various professional sports.

J.Scott and his team are highly respected as the nation’s foremost authority on accelerated sports ascension and he has been the architect for his clients' progression for over 15 years.  He is also author of the book,"The Strangest Secret to Winning Championships".