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We are dedicated to finding the best ways of unlocking, harnessing AND maximizing a human's full potential in order to acheive maximum performance. Our research is powered by science, technology and the full forces of nature.

Sports Mastery

Learn how to maximize your performance and apply it to your sport to attain mastery. How would it feel to CRUSH your competition?

Peak Human Performance

Ways to improve human performance in all endeavors, sports, business and daily life. Would you like to actually look great, feel great and perform great?

Our Research

See what we are researching - Bio-mechanics, Performance Technology, Applied Physics, Neuroscience, Quantum Theory, and more.

Our Approach

We are all about results! Our methodology is comprised of scientific research methods, practical application, experimentation, trial and error, statistics and analytics, not to mention the vast array of training protocols that further provide data.

Products and Services

Here are products and services specifically designed to help you reach and achieve your highest levels. We customize our services specifically to you, your goal, your sport and your situation.


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Psionova is an Actualization Company Committed to Your Ascension

We work hard to make sure you consistently reach your max and maintain your performance.

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We’d love to hear from you. We offer services for serious individual athletes, coaches and all types of organizations, from college and pro sports teams to corporations to the military. Tell us what you’re looking for or what you want to achieve, and we’ll guide you to the services, technology and people that are right for you.

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G. Pappas - Professional Trainer

“Being a woman, it's sometimes difficult to find training principles that apply to women and I've trained many athletes during my career, but J.Scott's concepts on sports mastery have dramatically helped me.."

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